The Student Recovery Program exists to empower the Hispanic young men of Greeley-Evans School District 6 to succeed in high school and beyond.


Our Summer

Our summer program focuses on skill recovery in two keys areas of academics: Language Arts and Math. This is a blended-learning program that combines excellent online self-paced programs, individual tutoring, and small group lessons. 

Summer also focuses on building both peer to peer and peer to adult relationships that will make students be successful throughout their high school career. These trusting relationships are the foundation of learning new skills and habits as the program transitions to the school year program.

Due to our students' difficulties with school and their family financial situation, students are paid incentives for achieving goals throughout the summer. This allows our students to devote their summer to furthering their education without needing to take a summer job to help their families. 

Our School Year

The school year portion of the Student Recovery Program is an all encompassing program. Our first year (10th grade) students are in a class four days a week with a trained teacher and Student Recovery Program staff member. Staff tracks grades and attendance, mandates tutoring, and teaches skills to students that will make them successful in high school. 

The Student Recovery Program office in every building is open to students all day long to deal with emotional, academic, familial, or interpersonal issues. Our Student Recovery Program staff is equipped to work with students through all of these issues. 

The program's staff tries to remove or lower whatever barriers that stand in the way of graduation, no matter how that became a barrier. Staff works with school administration, counselors, and teachers to remove any barriers that might stand in the way in the school building. They communicate regularly with students' guardians, along with any additional support people (probation officers and court-appointed guardians, for example) in order to help lower the barriers from outside of the school day that prevent students from being successful in school. 

What We've Achieved

  • We've achieved an 85% graduation rate among a population that typical graduates about 50-60% of their students.
  • Over 90% of graduates are gainfully employed and contributing positively to our city.
  • Students who graduate into men who are proud of what they've done and who they're becoming.