We are always looking for a few good adults to invest in the lives of our students through giving of their time!

Here are some ways you can help:


We are consistently looking for people who can help us during our tutoring times. While we need people who are competent in high school level English, Math, and Science, we also need adults who are willing to sit with students who get off-track easily, adults who can ask the right questions and can model how to ask the questions you need to get the right answers.

To sum it up: you don't need to be an expert (or even competent) in order to be an SRP tutor. If you're willing to be curious, invest in student lives, and be a learner yourself, you are capable of helping in tutoring!


We periodically go on field trips with the students and could always use extra adults helping us make positive memories with our students. If you want a fun and easy way to get to know our students, let us know you're interested in this opportunity.

Share your story

Do you have a life story that you think the students would benefit from knowing? We'd love to hear it!

Do you have a career or own a business that you're proud of? We'd love to have the students hear about it!

Can you give the students a tour of your business and let them know what it takes to be successful? Once again, let's hear about it!

Job Shadow, Internships

Are you in a position to offer half-day job shadows or short term (summer) internships? We are new to this field, but we would love to talk about this opportunity for our highest students.