How does the Student Recovery Program impact our students, families, teachers, and schools? This is the place to hear from them in their own words. 

The best thing that happened to me during high school! Without this program I know for a fact I woulda been a dropout and I know I wouldn’t have got to where I stand now.. Awesome instructors also! :)
— Uriel Juarez, Class of 2010
I always had the help from people who actually cared about me and took the time to show it therefore I worked harder to thank them for what they did for me, their efforts to help me progress weren’t in vain, I wanted to progress and make them all proud. They made me a hard worker, taught me to work and earn what I wanted to accomplish.
— Cesar Esparza, Class of 2012
SRP was a great impact on my life, they helped me not only complete high school but to have courage to keep trying for a higher education on my own.
— Fabian Lechuga, Class of 2012
It saved my life and that is no exaggeration. Without the SRP, Im positive I wouldn’t have finished high school, and would have continued to make poor decisions. The teachers showed me that they really cared and help me grow into the positive, respectful man I am today.
— Eric Torres, Class of 2011