The Student Recovery Program was started in the summer of 2008. Bob Tointon and other generous benefectors who desired to invest in the future of Greeley's youth pulled together the funds to run a pilot program of skill recovery for Hispanic males going into 10th grade at Greeley Central High School. (Hispanic males are at the greatest risk of drop out of all groups in Greeley.) The program and high school's leaders identified forty of the the most at-risk, low-scoring young men in the school and asked them to apply for the program. The first twenty who returned applications got into the first summer. 

The summer program focused on skill recovery: when tested at the beginning of the summer, most of the students scored below a fifth grade math and reading level. The self-paced, interactive computer program helped the boys advance about two grade levels in both reading and math over the summer.

At the return of the school year, the program's staff did not let these young men go. They tracked grades, pursued those who returned to the bad habit of skipping class, and kept the students focused on the end goal of graduation. Through that time, 9 of the 20 boys were removed from the program because of disciplinary problems at school, criminal behavior, or transferring to another school.

Summer of 2009 was round two: a whole new set of twenty boys joined the eleven left from year One, along with an extra nine students to take the place of the ones who were removed. The program was the same, the challenge for the leadership the same: share a vision of a brighter future and the hope of graduation to (now) forty boys who have never had anyone believe in them before.

In 2011, the first set of SRP students proudly walked across the graduation stage. Each summer, 40 students eagerly show up to UNC to learn and build relationships with each other and supportive adults. Each school year, about 55 students return to Greeley Central to work on reaching the goal of graduation.

In 2013, the program expanded to Northridge High School with the same mission, vision, and values. Their first full year of 50-60 students was in 2015-16 and their first graduating class will walk across the stage in May 2016. 

While the teachers and staff of the SRP love these boys and are committed to seeing all of them through to graduation, they are also looking for other fine adults to join them in the journey.

Will you be one?